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"I always feel happier after yoga with Jeanette. There's a story in every practice that's impossible not to connect to, which allows me to find my way into a deeper practice while enjoying great music, and having a whole lot of fun. Smiling in yoga is underrated and she thankfully encourages giving it a try." - Jennifer Rubins, Marketing Manager, Penguin Random House

"I love Jeanette's classes.  She has a deep knowledge of yoga and is able to seamlessly blend many facets of yoga -- meditation, physical practice, breathwork, philosophy, subtle body -- in a sweet, playful approach.  She is thoughtful in her teaching, encouraging students to take risks, to grow and to have fun in their practice." - Diana Ross-Gotta, Brand Strategist at KNOCK

"Jeanette's 7am class is always the perfect start to my day: organized, invigorating, centering." - Ramon Padilla, Founder/ Creative Director, EverTrue Salon